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The Complete Roadmap to Launching an OTT Platform

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A Handy Guide to Understand the Nuances

of OTT Media Service


People have moved beyond the features of a traditional television set. OTT is the current trend as audiences these days prefer convenience, content variety, and personalization rather than a mere set of channels.

Be it entertainment, e-learning, sports, fitness, or spiritual services, the role of OTT in scaling each of these sectors is tremendous. Streaming platforms make life simpler by delivering content on the go on the user’s gadget, majorly mobile phones.

This eBook is your ultimate destination to know everything about OTT technology, and how it is found useful in various industries. Your key takeaways will be

  • Insights on audiences’ viewing habits over the years
  • An interesting discovery of the different streaming possibilities (Audio, Video, Live)
  • Useful tips to build your own OTT platform
  • Practical use case scenarios where OTT could be a game changer